Olocau is in the region of Camp de Turia, in the Valencian Country. The Camp de Turia is located in the center of the country, east to west cute with the regions of the Garden and the Serrania, and from north to south with the Alto Palencia, Camp de Morvedre and Hoya de Buñol. It includes the following municipalities: Benaguassil, Benissanó, Bétera, Casinos, Domeño, Gátova, L’Eliana, Loriguilla, Liria, Marines, Nàquera, Olocau, Pobla de Vallbona, Riba-Roja, Serra and Vilamarxant.
Olocau Township is located in the western spurs of the Sierra Calderona, in its central area known as Portaceli Mountains, left Carraixet Canyon, at 293 m. altitude above sea level. The municipality has an area of ​​37’54 square miles, bordered to the north by the terms of the Old Marines and Gátova, east to Serra in the Marines and Liria west, and south to La Pobla de Vallbona. It is shaped like a triangle. Look.
Map of Camp de Turia district.
On a clear day, if you climb to the top of the Rock of Ali-Maimó, the Penya, that as a great backdrop reddish theatrical setting provides the backdrop for the Vila d’Olocau, we’ll see from there a good part of the sector Calderona central highlands, known as Portaceli Mountains, part of l’Horta Nord in the background the city of Valencia, and the Mediterranean Sea. Just on the opposite side of this point, to the west, we are the wide range of Negrete, the Tejo, Malacara, Marthas, the grinding wheel and Enguera Pallàs on the south, the mountains of Benicadell Gallinera saw and the Montgo. In the foreground, Bétera Plains, La Pobla de Vallbona, Benaguassil, Liria, the people of New Domeño and Casinos. North appears pyramid-shaped majestic and Gorgo (907m.), the highest peak of the central sector of the Calderona or Portaceli Mountains, and above we see the broad back of the Holy Cave Montmajor (l.011 m), maximum elevation of the entire Calderona, and then the Bellida saws, Peña Parda Andilla and Penyetes de Deu.