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Premis Nauiba Vila d'Olocau (Candidates)

It is known by all the neighbors the dedication developed by two people who are already well known in the town for their effort to value our heritage. These are Guillem Tortajada and Víctor Chaos, guides of the Puntal dels Llops, for their work in the promotion of the Iberian settlement of our population and, as a consequence of the town of Olocau. Thanks to his work El Puntal is every day more known and visited. Both with guided tours and free visits, although the latter can not be controlled.
An association that moves with great energy and that commits more people, entities and associations every day. Dones d'Olocau is not only contributing to strengthen the fight against gender equality, the eradication of sexist violence, non-discrimination for reasons of sexual choice; They are also a reference in the field of women's associations, beyond the demarcation of our region of Camp de Túria. The name of our municipality is linked to that of the Association Dones d'Olocau, contributing to make our municipality even more visible and enlarging the prestige of Olocau.
Little has to be said that this professional is not known of the image and its connection with all the events that occur in our municipality. Olocaufoto is present in an altruistic way, doing some magnificent photographic and audiovisual reports, which also hangs on his Facebook page so that everyone can see and download them. Year after year, in a silent and very professional way, Olocaufoto is covering and documenting the social, cultural and festive life of Olocau. As a modern and current chronicler, he changes the fountain pen for his cameras and video, and portrays us all, thus making his audiovisual chronicle of the events of the town. A chronicler of the 21st century. His professionalism and commitment altruistic and voluntary, makes him deserving of a public recognition of all olocauinos and olocauinas. Granting this well-deserved award, we give back a little of everything that Olocaufoto gives us year after year.
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