On July 1st, 2016, the twinning protocol between Gavà and Olocau was signed. Thus, the close relationship between the two municipalities that dates back to the late nineteenth century was made official when some men from Olocau who worked on the Valencia railroad in Barcelona discovered the palm hearts that grew on the Garraf coasts and went to mow the Palm. Then some stayed in the orchards that were being created in the Llobregat plan.

Later, when the work began at the Roca de Gavà factory, in 1914, a significant number of olocauinos formed the first gang of workers. These first men opened the way to others.

The twinning protocol reflects the commitment of both populations to carry out cultural exchanges periodically. Initially, it establishes that every two years, an institutional representation accompanied by samples of the popular culture of each municipality will alternate.

Both municipalities support all activities aimed at promoting culture and organize folkloric performances, artistic exhibitions, exchanges of conferences on topics of interest, and relations between representative bodies of the different labor and artistic professions, as well as cultural entities.

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