Greetings from the Mayor


It is a pleasure, as Mayor of Olocau, welcome you to the website of the City and thank you for your interest to learn more about the city, whether you were a neighbor or neighbor like you’re not.

Let me take you approach this window from here, thank all the residents of the municipality, the confidence in me and the group I represent. My team and I are aware of the great responsibility we hold to access the government of the City, but we are convinced that we will have your support in the development of the challenge we now face is nothing more and nothing less, than seek improving the conditions of life of all the people living in this town.

Also, I request your participation as members that you are the municipality, in the daily happenings of the City Council with the contribution of ideas, suggestions and how could it be any other way with the constructive criticism of all that is susceptible of improvement .

We live in a wonderful town, in a unique environment, which deserves to be preserved with the help of everyone, both locals as well as those who visit us, attracted by the charm and beauty of its landscapes, its history and gentle, close and open character of its people. A collective, who lives here, composed of people from diverse backgrounds, further enriching the heritage of our town, and can offer a wide range of cultural experiences.

All this I have in mind to say that I face the task you have entrusted to me by electing me your Mayor, with enthusiasm, desire and energy that gives me know that the goal of building a better Olocau, with better living conditions and services higher quality, share with me and you will work with the Mayor, and the government team, to get it and get it Olocau take its place by history, tradition and culture belongs.

I invite you, therefore, to participate in the public life of this your Town Hall. Its doors are and will be open to all; and in your Mayor always find a friend, ready to listen and work for Olocau and its neighbors.

Ropero Antonio Morales